Nov 2. 2019

Numerology For Everyone

Nowadays, numerology is quite a popular topic. Like astrology, it tells us a lot about us based on our date of birth, which explains why these two areas of study are often interconnected. However, instead of planets, it examines the numbers of date of birth, and in particular, their sum.

Numerology For Everyone

Every number has its own vibration which gives our personality a certain attitude and characteristics or defines the events of the following day, month or year. However, the very foundation of numerology, which we are going to discuss today, is our life number.

How to calculate your life number? We will explain the calculation of your life number using an example. Let’s say you were born on the 21st of November. Start by adding up every single digit in your date of birth, that is, in your case:

2 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 4 = 27

Then continue adding up the individual digits until you get a one-digit number - in our case the life number is nine (2 + 7 = 9). The exception is the number eleven, which is the only two-digit number that has its own vibration. Now, let’s have a look at the characteristics.

1 - People with this life number tend to be independent, energetic and also very curious. They usually achieve their goals without the help from others and thus, are often leaders by nature, not only in their career but also in their personal lives, where they require constant admiration.

2 - People born with life number "two" have strong intuition and understanding for others. They are modest and sensitive, but in difficult moments, can grow into moodiness and indecision. These people are looking for support in life as they fear loneliness.

3 - “Threes” are by nature very creative and intelligent. They perceive all events through their imagination, and so they often take a rather critical attitude toward their loved ones. Yet contact with others is absolutely necessary for them, but only if they do not fall into a stereotype.

4 - Those with number "four" are usually very hardworking, persistent and strong. These individuals do not have a problem with tasks that require logical thinking. On the other hand, they may lack confidence, so they need constant praise and assurance of their strengths.

5 - “Fives” hate all restrictions and rules. They are adventurous by nature, and under all circumstances, are attracted to travel and freedom. It is not easy to be in a relationship with one because they are very impulsive, nervous and impatient.

6 - The nature of individuals with the life number of "six" is usually sensitive and romantic. They feel happy when they reap the love of their partner and family. If they do not get affection, they easily fall into depression or even get sick.

7 - People born with the number "seven" are given by the role of healers throughout their lives. Helping others is in their nature, which is strengthened by their great compassion and understanding. They almost always look for new and fresh ways of solving problems.

8 - Bearers of the life number "eight" have been gifted with strong organizational and leadership skills. They are materialists who need balance in life, both from the outside and in their minds. They often fall into addictions.

9 - People born with the number "nine" are very friendly and wise, often to such an extent that they take responsibility for others’ problems and situations, which could suppress their potential. Material things are not important for them, they rather pay attention to love.

11 - This number is considered to be a master in numerology. The people born in it can either choose the quiet and easy path of number two, or the hard path of number 11. Usually they are geniuses, which often makes them feel lonely. They also suffer from frequent mood swings and are attracted to the supernatural, making them very mysterious.