Dec 24. 2016

Most frequent questions and answers in astrology

If you are a beginner in astrology or you just want to reassure yourself, definitely keep reading. We have prepared some answers for questions in the area of astrology, with which our experienced team is in daily contact.

Most frequent questions and answers in astrology

1st Is it necessary to know the exact time of birth?

If you want to discover identity of your sign or you are into long-term prediction for particular period – then the date of birth is simply enough. However, if you have a hankering for a perfect horoscope, then it is necessary to know the exact time and place of your birth. As it is the only way how your horoscope can be unique and exact.

If you do not know the time of your birth, it is possible to ascertain it in a hospital or local authority, it is usually registered.

2nd What is astrology, actually?

Astrology is a subject, dealing with research of connections between the actions in the sky (characterized by the locations of planets, the Moon and the movement of stars) and its influence on men. Both, mental and physical issues – health and physical condition.

3rd What is a horoscope?

A horoscope may be perceived as a depiction of quality of set time that is stated thanks to observing the location and movement of planets and its impact both on the Earth and among themselves. Therefore, such horoscope has an informative ability of energy, which is charged at that time, or conditions which a certain situation offers.

4th What are the aspects and how are they related to a horoscope?

We may imagine such aspect as an angle, which is between two planets (the Sun is the peak of this angle). Aspects are significant factors in a horoscope, since they determine the amount of influence of each planet and other astrological elements.

5th I am wondering what my horoscope is, but I am afraid of it at the same time…

This reaction is quite common. However, there is nothing to fear. Astrology might be perceived as fortune-telling, it is based on energy and chances that are affected by the locations of planets. Thus, a horoscope tells which possibilities we have and shows us the way. Nevertheless, the final decision is up to us.