Mar 16. 2019

Mercury Retrograde - What to Prepare for?

Not a very popular event among astrologers, the retrograde phase of Mercury, began on March 6th and will continue until March 28th. It is often referred to as Mercury's backward movement, as it may seem to be moving backwards at this time. However, it is an optical illusion caused by Mercury having a shorter orbit than Earth. We will see this phenomenon twice more this year, from the 8th to the 31st of July and from the 31st of October to the 19th of November.

Mercury is associated with communication, thinking, as well as travel. Therefore, its retrograde phase has a significant impact on the lives of each of us - unfortunately, in a negative sense. During this time, Mercury creates turbulence which makes it difficult for us to communicate with people around us. Therefore, it is not recommended to start new projects, relationships or friendships at that time. Instead, wait and use this period to look back at the previous months of your life and plan the coming steps.