Jan 15. 2022

Hypnosis, can change your subconsciousness?

There are many myths surrounding the word hypnosis but hypnosis is, in fact, a specific state of mind that can be easily understood. To be able to do that, we need to get familiar with brainwave frequencies at first.

Hypnosis, can change your subconsciousness?

Our brain operates in 5 different brainwave frequencies (Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta, Gamma) measured in Hz (cycles per second), each of which is connected to a certain level of brain activity and a specific state of consciousness. In general, hypnosis is happening in Alpha and Theta brain waves.

Alpha brain waves (7-14 Hz) are predominant during states of deep relaxation or daydreaming; it is the state people are trying to reach when they are practising meditations. Theta (4-7 Hz) is a state we all experience during falling asleep (before we reach Delta brain waves (1-3 Hz)). It is a state of absolute relaxation, a state when we do not control our thoughts at all.

It has been proved that when our brain is operating mainly in Theta waves, we are able to get in touch with our subconscious mind. Therefore, in Theta, we can change our limiting beliefs, patterns of behaviour, and our perception of reality, all that we have saved in the layers of our subconsciousness. They play a huge role in how our everyday reality looks and what we create in our lives.

Therefore, hypnosis is not about deep relaxation or a complete unconscious trance; in fact, during hypnosis, we can still make decisions; we still hear the voice of the therapist and our own voice. But this state enables us to get to the layer beneath our consciousness and change what is there that is stopping us from experiencing our lives the way we want.

During hypnosis, we are highly receptive to suggestions and we can really deeply integrate the therapist's words, so it is very important that you know your therapist well and know you can trust him. Hypnotherapy, therapy using hypnosis, can be a really powerful healing tool when it is done well. If that attracts you and you hear calling, then it’s probably a time for you to try it, but we would highly recommend being careful about which therapist you pick, which one should be your one.