Jun 1. 2018

Eating in accordance with astrology and the lunar calendar

Forget about nonsense diets, follow a natural way of maintaining your body weight, and lose weight reasonably - using the lunar calendar.

Eating in accordance with astrology and the lunar calendar

The lunar calendar is based on traditional astrology. The position of planets, including the Moon, doesn’t only influence psyche and emotions. The moon phases have an effect on natural processes on our planet, including human organism. Therefore, if we learn to coordinate our actions and eating in accordance with the patterns of astrology, we won’t only benefit our bodies health-wise, but we can even boost regeneration and especially metabolism which contributes to faster calorie burning.

The key to success is keeping track of the lunar phase. The most important thing is to know about the Full moons and New moons, from which it is easy to deduce when the Moon is “waning” and when “waxing” - these the four basic phases that we’ll take a closer look at. Detailed information and exact data, including the accurate times, can be found in our Lunar calendar.

1. New moon

In this Moon phase, calorie-burning is demonstrably the fastest, the body’s detoxification capabilities are at the peak as well. Therefore, it is an ideal start for a sensible diet. Especially on this day (not only this one), you should ensure to drink sufficient amounts of water. It’s necessary to drink at least two liters of unsweetened fluids a day (pure water, lemon water or unsweetened tea).

2. First quarter (the Moon is waxing)

This lunar phase is the most difficult for us, because extra calories are stored easily and therefore, we tend to gain weight. It’s very important to keep track of your intake.

You should especially avoid sweet, greasy and fried foods. In this period, smoked meats won’t do you good either. You should eat vegetables (prepared anyhow), fruit, nuts, legumes, soy, lean meat (poultry, fish), oats, wholemeal bread and dairy products (but watch out - only the ones that don’t make your body produce too much mucus).

3. Full moon

The full moon can be very magical, but sometimes harsh to the human health. Common problems include troubles with sleeping, fatigue and also nervousness and irritation. Our bodies hold water and, for example, injuries are healing slower during this period.

Considering the fact that our organism is loaded with negative influences, our diet should be very moderate. We should avoid energetically rich foods - foods with lots of fat or sugar. It’s ideal to have a vegetable or fruit salad or blend up a smoothie. Some experts even recommend fasting for at least 8 hours before the full moon takes place.

4. Last quarter (the Moon is waning)

In this phase, we’ll feel a new wave of energy. Metabolism is working at full speed, digestion as well and furthermore, we desire to move our bodies. Therefore, if you’re not planning to lose weight, but just to maintain it, you can even eat something less healthy (but everything in moderation, it certainly doesn’t mean you should eat the whole chocolate at once!) With the upcoming New moon, the ability to flush out toxins is increasing too. Therefore, it will be much more easier to lose weight.

We should avoid heavy, fried foods with a lot of saturated fat and simple sugars as well. It’s recommended to eat a diet rich in nutrients and fiber - vegetables, legumes and fruit. Last but not least, lean meat as well.