Jan 15. 2023


In the horoscope, Chiron symbolises our inner wounds. This asteroid was named after the centaur - a wise teacher and healer. Knowing what sign Chiron was in at the moment of our birth can help us to identify our weaknesses. However, it will also show the gift we have to heal others.


Chiron faced three major sufferings in his life. The first was rejection by his parents. They were horrified by the sight of him and he was rejected as their son. He became a teacher to many ancient heroes; his second torment was accidentally caused by one of his pupils, who shot him with a poisoned arrow. His demigod ancestry saved his life, but he suffered tremendously. After futile attempts to cure himself, he realised that his only way out was death. Taking on the burden of Prometheus’s curse, he finally passed away. After his death, the gods raised him from the underworld to the sky, where he regained immortality in the constellation of the centaurs.

In Aries

They struggle with the idea of failure and expressing their own identity. They see others’ hidden strengths, making them excellent mentors.

In Taurus

They have difficulty recognising their worth. They are compassionate and selfless, and therefore great companions.

In Gemini

They feel pushed away and suffer from low self-esteem. They are able to heal others with loving words.

In Cancer

Their wounds are linked to childhood. They feel abandoned and unloved, making it difficult for them to establish new relationships. They can understand others without words and comfort them.

In Leo

They lack the recognition of others and experience a constant struggle to achieve perfection. They motivate and inspire those around them.

In Virgo

They feel incomplete, which manifests itself in unrealistically high standards. They are eager to help and make excellent teachers or doctors.

In Libra

They feel as though they are missing a soulmate in life. Simultaneously, they suffer from hurtful relationships. They are brilliant listeners.

In Scorpio

Intimacy fears, and a lack of confidence lead to jealousy and relationship problems. This lifelong struggle enables them to see beneath the surface and understand others deeply.

In Sagittarius

It is difficult for them to find purpose in life, caused by the destruction of principles and beliefs during adolescence. Their way of thinking makes them unique philosophers.

In Capricorn

They use their profession to express their personality and gain recognition. The wounds are often associated with a relationship with their father or authority. They represent great workers and are willing to sacrifice themselves for others.

In Aquarius

They feel unsupported or overlooked and as though they don’t fit anywhere. Their minds work uniquely so they can help with complex problems.

In Pisces

They suffer from a feeling of betrayal and feel injustice in their lives, often putting themselves in a position of victimhood . They are very compassionate and can empathize with others easily.