Astrology and relationships

As we know, astrology is field of science describing and explaining phenomena in the universe. Many cultures in history were trying to predict the future via the stars, planets etc. Astrology examines mainly the relation between Earth (and life on it) and planets or others celestial bodies found in the solar system.

Astrology and relationships

A frequent object of interest in astrology is, for example, the moon and related natural phenomena (such as tidal waves), but also its impact on the human psyche and relationships. When it comes to relationships, this section is somewhat more complex.

There are a large number of factors that affect human relations - whether it’s a relationship between partners, friends or at the workplace. It is therefore clear that astrology itself cannot define them properly. But it can from the position of the planets and other aspects define their assumptions. Thanks to the stars and horoscopes we can determine, for example, the tendency of relationships between two people and their perspective for the future, if we know their zodiac signs. For example, we know that, if Venus stays in a negative aspect, people born in Taurus have tendency for aggression, so it can be difficult to put up with them.

One of the biggest factors that affect our relationships is genetics. Whether we like it or not, we have certain information encoded in our genes. This information affects not only our physical build, but also our behavior. Evolution is responsible for setting a certain model of modern relationships (although earlier it was different). If due to various circumstances, the relationship deviates from this model, neither of the parties can be happy. Practically, this means that they are not acting as it is written in their genetic information. Astrology and horoscopes can step in here. Through this individuals can get instructions or advice on how to behave in specific situations, so that relations remain in harmony.

Horoscopes will also help you understand the basic principles of how to determine, predict and understand other people on the basis of their destiny by the position of the planets and then choose a suitable partner. But first you need to understand yourself. Set your own goals that will satisfy you and focus on them. If you are not happy, the people around you cannot be either. To sum it up. If you want to live in a harmonious relationship and be able to take advantage of every chance that comes along, you must know the principles of what to change or what you want to achieve. This is where astrology can be helpful.

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