Horoscope tomorrow - Virgo

Don’t get sad when thing are not working out. You can’t excel every time. All people have their days so they will understand. Entrust your troubles and gloom will go away.

Maybe you have sought your boss’s attention for long, but eventually you will find out that it is not worth it.

The work will flow nicely. Feel free to start a long-term “project”.

Get advice from experienced beautician, if you are afraid of experiments.

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Moon in Cancer
Dec 13.00:23 - Dec 15.04:56
Dec 13.
Moon in Leo
Dec 15.05:56 - Dec 17.08:15
Dec 15.

You will be more sensitive than usual, during the days of the Moon in Cancer. The current energy is aimed at family and home - that’s where you feel the most comfortable. You can contribute to developing a pleasant feel which has a positive impact on other relatives too...

There’s this energy that supports value making and building which you will be proud of later on and others will appreciate you for. These days are ideal for social events or dates...