Horoscope tomorrow - Virgo

Most likely you will find yourself in the presence of a person that affects you very strongly. But don’t fly of the handle. Act with complete peace in every situation and you won’t embarrass yourself.

They say that you know the true friends only when you are in need, because only the real ones will help, when you feel down.

Carefully consider whether it is worth investing in something so uncertain, although the bonus might be appealing.

Talk your partner or a friend and go to a ball. It is the social event of year and the atmosphere is really worth it.

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Moon in Scorpio
Sep 28.01:14 - Sep 30.06:04
Sep 28.
Moon in Sagittarius
Sep 30.07:04 - Oct 2.09:37
Sep 30.

The energy these days is full of emotion. Therefore, we often behave impulsively and jealously, especially when we feel threatened. It can be understood as some kind of a defense mechanism coming out from our subconsciousness...

There’s this peaceful and optimistic energy these days. However, one might feel like they can’t stay at one place for too long. The desire to travel and discover everything new, educate oneself and explore, is big. There won’t be lack of energy for sports, although you may have to deal with a certain cumbersomeness and inner frustration...