Horoscope tomorrow - Scorpio

If you feel lost, ask for advice. There is nothing wrong about being self-critical and admit defeat. In such times you will get to see, who your true friends are and spare some energy for activities like sports.

You are not able to talk to your friends about something else than your love. Think for a moment. Isn’t it a bit annoying?

Fresh air will definitely make you feel better, especially before going to sleep. You will sleep better.

It is not a good idea to overeat in the evening. After a hard night you will be without energy the next day.

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Moon in Scorpio
Jun 22.21:12 - Jun 25.06:29
Jun 22.
Moon in Sagittarius
Jun 25.07:29 - Jun 27.17:51
Jun 25.

The energy these days is full of emotion. Therefore, we often behave impulsively and jealously, especially when we feel threatened. It can be understood as some kind of a defense mechanism coming out from our subconsciousness...

There’s this peaceful and optimistic energy these days. However, one might feel like they can’t stay at one place for too long. The desire to travel and discover everything new, educate oneself and explore, is big. There won’t be lack of energy for sports, although you may have to deal with a certain cumbersomeness and inner frustration...