Horoscope tomorrow - Scorpio

The loss of certainties in life is always an unpleasant event. Don’t panic and be depressed. You are surrounded by people who will stand by your side and help you in need. Cherish them and let them know how much you appreciate them.

Don’t bother people around you with your complaining. Try to think first and rationally consider whether they are justified.

Go for a trip. If the weather is too bad, at least make some plans.

Relax and take a rest. Read a book or watch a movie.

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Moon in Scorpio
Aug 16.10:53 - Aug 18.18:46
Aug 16.

The energy these days is full of emotion. Therefore, we often behave impulsively and jealously, especially when we feel threatened. It can be understood as some kind of a defense mechanism coming out from our subconsciousness...