Horoscope tomorrow - Scorpio

Don’t try to run away. Stay, fight and negotiate. Reasonable arguments can set everything okay. However to such conduct must be inclined the entire site, otherwise it won’t work. Keep that in mind.

Don’t be afraid of blind dating. It is not a big deal. If the person doesn’t suit you, you don’t have to see them again, otherwise you will look forward to next date.

Don’t think of revenge just because your colleague is doing better than you. Bad luck might turn against you.

With your current mood it would be best if you stayed alone. Thinking and remembering might help you find the cause.

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Moon in Libra
Jan 22.23:02 - Jan 25.04:56
Jan 22.

There’s this social energy these days. The thing you long for is admiration, but some kind of appreciation from other people as well. When reaching your goals, you try to go along with everybody, but sometimes, you just subconsciously become flattering and obtrusive which could really have a negative impact on your reputation...