Horoscope tomorrow - Pisces

If your experienced system doesn’t work, feel free to try a change even if it might be scary at the beginning that you venture into the unknown. Later you will see that this was the right step.

If you are short of time in the evening you should rather read scientific literature then fiction.

The work will flow nicely. Feel free to start a long-term “project”.

You know what you can afford and what your body is able to manage so hold on to it.

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Moon in Virgo
Dec 4.04:51 - Dec 6.17:36
Dec 4.
Moon in Libra
Dec 6.18:36 - Dec 9.04:36
Dec 6.

The energy of these days will unfortunately bring us stress. Putting yourself in the role of a martyr is typical as well. Practically speaking, you will be too concerned about the problems others refuse to deal with...

There’s this social energy these days. The thing you long for is admiration, but some kind of appreciation from other people as well. When reaching your goals, you try to go along with everybody, but sometimes, you just subconsciously become flattering and obtrusive which could really have a negative impact on your reputation...