Horoscope tomorrow - Pisces

Studying the issues ahead is definitely advantageous. Just be careful so you don’t get too smart and exalt over those who are not prepared. Nobody likes nosy people, so don’t make any enemies.

You have so many duties that you could easily forget something important. Write down everything on paper.

Don’t get stressed in the evening. Let your worries go away at least for a while.

If you don’t like what you see in the mirror, start doing something about it finally!

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Moon in Aries
Dec 5.20:44 - Dec 8.08:30
Dec 5.
Moon in Taurus
Dec 8.09:30 - Dec 10.17:46
Dec 8.

The energy of these days brings discomfort. Life is running fast which you enjoy, but on the other hand, you desire to throw everything behind your back and just relax. A dilemma might occur which will keep you one step behind the actual happening...

There are tense energies when the Moon is in Taurus. We like the things just the way they are right now. People who are trying to make a change (even a positive one) or have innovative opinions make us anxious...