Horoscope tomorrow - Pisces

You won’t stay home too long, and the vision of being alone between four walls doesn’t attract you even a little. Call you partner or friends and head into the nature or meet in the city for a drink. In society you will come to other thoughts.

Be careful around your friends. A traitor lurks among them. With this person you have to deal alone. Show them that it is not a good idea to make inappropriate jokes about you.

Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do now. Right now this is doubly true.

Peace in soul will prevent a visit to a doctor or therapist.

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Moon in Pisces
Nov 16.05:41 - Nov 18.16:56
Nov 16.

You can expect energy in the area of imagination which will operate at full blast these days. Therefore, your wit may sometimes lose its power - at the expense of emotions. You are also more empathetic than ever. You will not have problems empathize with a wide range of people. However, the disadvantage certainly is that you often forget about your own dilemmas and issues...