Horoscope tomorrow - Pisces

No wonder that you are in a good mood; you might even wonder what is going on. Stars have very strong and extremely positive effect on you. So make a good use of it and enjoy your day.

Somebody from your family might have problems and wants to hide them from everyone. Help him, keep his secret. You will see that he will return the favour.

Don’t be submissive and don’t let people treat you that way. Stand up for your rights.

Theatre can be fun; it depends on the choice of genre. Check it out.

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Moon in Scorpio
Apr 8.22:17 - Apr 10.22:37
Apr 8.
Moon in Sagittarius
Apr 10.23:37 - Apr 13.02:07
Apr 10.

The energy these days is full of emotion. Therefore, we often behave impulsively and jealously, especially when we feel threatened. It can be understood as some kind of a defense mechanism coming out from our subconsciousness...

There’s this peaceful and optimistic energy these days. However, one might feel like they can’t stay at one place for too long. The desire to travel and discover everything new, educate oneself and explore, is big. There won’t be lack of energy for sports, although you may have to deal with a certain cumbersomeness and inner frustration...