Horoscope tomorrow - Libra

Sometimes path is more important than the goal, because this is what shapes your personality. After overcoming all troubles and worries you will be much stronger and nothing will stand in your way of enjoying the well-deserved reward coming your way. But you must be patient.

Expand the circle of your friends and acquaintances. Accept invitation to a party. Always comes in handy having interesting contacts in reserve, and who knows maybe you will even meet your soul-mate here.

Don’t bother people around you with your complaining. Try to think first and rationally consider whether they are justified.

Health is more important; in long term it is definitely not a good idea to ignore even a cold.

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Moon in Pisces
May 30.02:33 - Jun 1.05:30
May 30.

You can expect energy in the area of imagination which will operate at full blast these days. Therefore, your wit may sometimes lose its power - at the expense of emotions. You are also more empathetic than ever. You will not have problems empathize with a wide range of people. However, the disadvantage certainly is that you often forget about your own dilemmas and issues...