Horoscope tomorrow - Libra

If people in your surroundings are not active, don’t be afraid to go out alone for sports. At least you deploy a tempo that suits you and who knows, maybe you will get to meet a new sparring partner.

Somebody from your family might have problems and wants to hide them from everyone. Help him, keep his secret. You will see that he will return the favour.

Be careful not to neglect your close ones, find some time in your schedule for them. They will be really happy.

If you don’t feel well try to relax and meditate.

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Moon in Virgo
Dec 4.04:51 - Dec 6.17:36
Dec 4.
Moon in Libra
Dec 6.18:36 - Dec 9.04:36
Dec 6.

The energy of these days will unfortunately bring us stress. Putting yourself in the role of a martyr is typical as well. Practically speaking, you will be too concerned about the problems others refuse to deal with...

There’s this social energy these days. The thing you long for is admiration, but some kind of appreciation from other people as well. When reaching your goals, you try to go along with everybody, but sometimes, you just subconsciously become flattering and obtrusive which could really have a negative impact on your reputation...