Horoscope tomorrow - Leo

You would give yourself away for others. This is a noble characteristic and thanks to it you have many true friends, but you should sometimes think about yourself too. Slow down and don’t stress yourself. Take a deep breath and listen to your body.

You should reserve some time just for you and your counterpart. You are always attending various events, meeting friends and don’t even have time to chat.

Obviously you don’t like the vision of whole day spent at work. But you should bite the bullet so you won’t get into troubles.

You are very moody. Consider if it was a good idea to bring some order and regular schedule to your life.

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Moon in Leo
Apr 20.08:10 - Apr 22.15:09
Apr 20.

There’s this energy that supports value making and building which you will be proud of later on and others will appreciate you for. These days are ideal for social events or dates...