Horoscope tomorrow - Capricorn

Register in your diary or computer carefully every event, so you won’t forget something important. Especially now, when you are in a hurry, it’s very convenient deed.

The stars are standing by you. You will be successful in establishing new relationships. You will find a true friend or even a soul-mate.

Try something new, exotic and strange. You will have experiences to talk about and also be the centre of their attention.

You don’t have to worry. Doctors won’t hurt you, on the contrary they can help.

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Moon in Libra
Jan 22.23:02 - Jan 25.04:56
Jan 22.

There’s this social energy these days. The thing you long for is admiration, but some kind of appreciation from other people as well. When reaching your goals, you try to go along with everybody, but sometimes, you just subconsciously become flattering and obtrusive which could really have a negative impact on your reputation...