Horoscope tomorrow - Capricorn

Don’t spoil interpersonal relations just because you are too sensitive these days. Tomorrow you will see everything from a whole new perspective. Don’t make any scenes, you would regret later. For now you have to bite the bullet and overcome the situation with silence.

Everything is going great at home. With your life-partner you understand each other without words, kids behave well. Really idealistic.

This is not the right way. Don’t let obligations overwhelm you, you would miss a lot of important facts.

Rather than soul searching and remembering what happened the previous evening you should take to sports. Work really hard this time.

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Moon in Capricorn
Mar 7.03:21 - Mar 9.08:41
Mar 7.
Moon in Aquarius
Mar 9.09:41 - Mar 11.15:45
Mar 9.

During this time, you can expect positive energy in the area of work and business. This emplacement lends us a huge amount of discipline so following the rules won’t cause trouble to you as well as organization of your stuff. Sense of materialism is now stronger than emotions. Therefore, reaching your goals will get easier to you. You won’t get upset by criticism because even that is an advantage to you...

The disadvantage of these days is certainly the energy being too solitary. Therefore, you will prefer your own thoughts and education to the company of other people. In extreme cases of your social anxiety, you become cold and offish. Others might not get your way of behaving which you don’t require. You are capable of having fun on your own...