Horoscope tomorrow - Capricorn

You won’t stay home too long, and the vision of being alone between four walls doesn’t attract you even a little. Call you partner or friends and head into the nature or meet in the city for a drink. In society you will come to other thoughts.

You are tuned on the same mood with your colleagues and that is why team work will be very productive.

If you are considering taking up a new hobby, now is the time to start.

If you are not in the mood, give sport a chance it will distract you.

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Moon in Cancer
Jun 28.13:53 - Jul 1.02:38
Jun 28.

You will be more sensitive than usual, during the days of the Moon in Cancer. The current energy is aimed at family and home - that’s where you feel the most comfortable. You can contribute to developing a pleasant feel which has a positive impact on other relatives too...