Horoscope tomorrow - Capricorn

The period of confusion has slowly but surely passed and stars are in the right position again. Make good use of it. Happiness won’t fall into your lap, but if you will try, you will get your well-deserved reward.

You radiate positive energy that is why today should be the right one to dating. Be more social, you may get to make new friends or even meet your soul mate.

If you take one wrong step, your whole work can crumble like a house of cards.

It is nice to enjoy a massage, but it is beneficial to gain theoretical and practical knowledge. Sign up for a massage course.

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Moon in Aquarius
Apr 26.11:27 - Apr 29.00:12
Apr 26.

The disadvantage of these days is certainly the energy being too solitary. Therefore, you will prefer your own thoughts and education to the company of other people. In extreme cases of your social anxiety, you become cold and offish. Others might not get your way of behaving which you don’t require. You are capable of having fun on your own...