Horoscope tomorrow - Cancer

Leave the initiative to others and be patient to what happens. Just don’t play inaccessible; otherwise you will scare away all potential new acquaintances. You don’t have to control everything. Give space to others too.

Stars affect you very strongly and positively in being patient in this period. That is why you can easily overcome the little problems with your partner and help you to enjoy harmony again.

Live concert will recharge your energy. Take somebody with you. The experience will do you much good.

It is very important to properly get time to heal from a disease. You don’t want health problem coming back again and again.

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Moon in Cancer
Aug 4.23:16 - Aug 7.09:32
Aug 4.

You will be more sensitive than usual, during the days of the Moon in Cancer. The current energy is aimed at family and home - that’s where you feel the most comfortable. You can contribute to developing a pleasant feel which has a positive impact on other relatives too...