Horoscope tomorrow - Cancer

Sometimes it happens that you can get excited so much, that you stop noticing the surrounding and your whole attention, thoughts and energy devote to this idea. However you should avoid this. Stars don’t favour your ideas these days, be careful.

In this period you are very sensitive. Thanks to this you will be vulnerable but on the other hand you will experience intimate moments with your love much more intensively. Make the most of it.

The work pace is set high, but stress won’t get under your skin today. Solve every problem with a cool head.

There is danger of minor injuries from inattention. Be careful.

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Moon in Aries
Jan 25.19:48 - Jan 28.00:43
Jan 25.
Moon in Taurus
Jan 28.01:43 - Jan 30.09:36
Jan 28.

The energy of these days brings discomfort. Life is running fast which you enjoy, but on the other hand, you desire to throw everything behind your back and just relax. A dilemma might occur which will keep you one step behind the actual happening...

There are tense energies when the Moon is in Taurus. We like the things just the way they are right now. People who are trying to make a change (even a positive one) or have innovative opinions make us anxious...