Horoscope tomorrow - Aries

Your friends probably won’t miss your faraway look and slight smile on your face. Don’t blindly trust everyone. Just a moment of carelessness is enough to cause you problems.

You will set the relaxing mood at home if you leave problem from the school or employment aside. Pay attention to more pleasant things.

Unfair treatment at the workplace is no news. You are not alone who feels aggrieved. Find an ally.

Maybe you feel that you have a lot of energy. But this is not the reason to get completely exhausted. Save some of it for the next day.

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Moon in Gemini
Jan 30.09:35 - Feb 1.21:12
Jan 30.
Moon in Cancer
Feb 1.22:12 - Feb 4.09:50
Feb 1.

During these days, we are under the influence of the energy that makes us want to be around others. You will be fond of communicating, but listening too. You are often able to understand and meet the needs of people around you very quickly. These traits are always welcomed, so you can be looking forward to being popular in a group...

You will be more sensitive than usual, during the days of the Moon in Cancer. The current energy is aimed at family and home - that’s where you feel the most comfortable. You can contribute to developing a pleasant feel which has a positive impact on other relatives too...