Horoscope tomorrow - Aries

Don’t be afraid to be alone. Do not choose a group of people whom you don’t get along with so as to avoid being lonesome. Take these moments to sort your thoughts and you will see what you really expect from life.

It will seem to you that your family is hiding something from you. Don’t be afraid to ask.

At the meeting your boss might take your breath away with an unpleasant news. You need to recover quickly so you won’t miss anything.

Your physical and mental conditions are well balance and that is the way it should always be.

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Moon in Aquarius
Apr 26.11:27 - Apr 29.00:12
Apr 26.

The disadvantage of these days is certainly the energy being too solitary. Therefore, you will prefer your own thoughts and education to the company of other people. In extreme cases of your social anxiety, you become cold and offish. Others might not get your way of behaving which you don’t require. You are capable of having fun on your own...