Horoscope tomorrow - Aquarius

Mentally you will be in complete peace and harmony and it will seem to you that nothing could throw you. An unguarded moment may violate the balance of your destiny. It will give a really great experience and you will make it.

Don’t get too drawn into new relationship. Don’t forget about your friends and spare at least a few moment for them. They would be upset, that you aren’t seeing them anymore.

You shouldn’t be distracted at work. While at work put away your household concerns, it won’t work any other way.

Your mood maybe bitter now but you shouldn’t avoid people. In the social surrounding you will feel better hopefully.

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Moon in Aries
Jan 25.19:48 - Jan 28.00:43
Jan 25.
Moon in Taurus
Jan 28.01:43 - Jan 30.09:36
Jan 28.

The energy of these days brings discomfort. Life is running fast which you enjoy, but on the other hand, you desire to throw everything behind your back and just relax. A dilemma might occur which will keep you one step behind the actual happening...

There are tense energies when the Moon is in Taurus. We like the things just the way they are right now. People who are trying to make a change (even a positive one) or have innovative opinions make us anxious...