Personal horoscope

At the time and date of your birth, the celestial objects were in a unique position which characterize your personality. Below you can see the meanings of planets, Moon and Ascendant and their positions.


9°48' d (c)

Your Sun sign is Cancer

A The Sun: Characterizes temperament, identity and the way others perceive you, it is your source of energy

Tarf RA:8H17m Dec:9°8' Acubens RA:8H59m Dec:11°48' Asellus Australis RA:8H46m Dec:18°6' Asellus Borealis RA:8H44m Dec:21°25' chi Cnc RA:8H21m Dec:27°10' iota Tau RA:8H48m Dec:28°42'

This water sign is associated to Moon. People born under this sign, are very sensitive and their main values are related to family. Cancerian doesn't need to fight and win, they're most of the time daydreaming, sentimental, with a lot of fantasies, that's why they can't be leaders of enterprise. They feel very good in their family circle or with their close friends. However, it takes them more time to approach new people.

People born under this sign, are not selfish and they always try hard to help their friends. They're not enthusiastic employees because they have inclination to comfort. They compensate this by their understanding and good memory. They don't like to give up their plans and that's why they try continually to make them real which can lead to unscrupulousness in their behaviour. Cancerian tries to avoid disputes and troubles, which leads to postponement of resolving the problems.

Their vices particularly are instability, restlessness and fluidity. Cancerian love changes, they can't stay for a long time in one place and they change their opinions often. However, they do it from some internal need. The instability is also demonstrated by their moodiness. They can be very selfish to foreign people. They suffer mostly from their impatience which drives them desperate.

As for love and marriage, moodiness and anxiety don't make the situation easier. You can't count on their fidelity because they care and sometimes become affectionate with people who are sympathetic to them.

Due to their instability, they search for their dream profession for a long time. They always need good motivation and enthusiasm. However, after some time they can get bored by their work and they don't have a problem in changing their employment if they don't feel satisfied. The best type of employment for them is where they have certain freedom.

4°28' a (l)

Moon in Aries

B The Moon: Characterizes heart, soul, inner self. We become shy and sensitive under Moons influence.

People who have the Moon in Aries are strong, even though they don’t show it. They are often happy with themselves and full of energy - whether it comes to sports, work or love, at the beginning, they are always dedicated to fight till the last breath. They try to overcome all the barriers as soon as possible because patience is not their thing. Mood swings can occur too.

A person with the Moon in Aries feels the need to protect others. If you find yourself in trouble, you can expect them to come over to help you and defend you against other people.

Under pressure, the main trait of your personality is impatience and tendency to take things too personally followed by getting offended. Therefore, you can even become irritable.

27°39' f (f)

Ascendant in Virgo

K Ascendant: characterizes our starting energy,  view of the world and our opinions

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18°58' c (b)

Mercury in Gemini

C Mercury: characterizes our intellect and ability to express ourselves; influence relationships and personal development.

Mercury in its sign, that is Gemini, is placed very firmly, it indicates a smart and open mind. Tenacity is compensated by their verbal competence. Their communication is rather led by facts than thoughts. Therefore, they might look convincing in sceptical people’s eyes. They also love to develop their vocabulary all the time.

5°08' e (d)

Venus in Leo

D Venus: is related to our feelings, symbolizes love and relationships

The emplacement of Venus in Leo usually makes people want to be adored. They hate to be ignored. In this case, they tend to do extravagant things just to get some attention.

12°16' e (d)

Mars in Leo

E Mars: characterizes our strength (physical and mental), also sex life, health and sports

We often associate Mars in Leo with gallantry, or even chivalry, and battle for your own honor. You feel superior towards others and if you’re not respected enough, you get furious easily. When stressed, you tend to deceive and pretend just in order to escape the inconvenient fate. Speaking of sex, you are attracted to creative partners. You hate stereotype and boredom.

2°00' l (k)

Jupiter in Pisces

F Jupiter: It is a symbol of development and inventing, but in a negative way risky business and gambling

Jupiter is very intense in Pisces, it promotes imagination and also potential of arts – no matter what it is, music, acting etc. It depicts a craving for travelling – sailing across the sea, relaxation or being on a desert island. You will feel great alone or in seclusion. In terms of finances, this placement may be very generous. A potential for charitable activity may occur.

12°21' k (j)

Saturn in Aquarius

G Saturn: It usually goes along with obstacles and restrictions; you becomes serious and reclusive

The position of Saturn in Aquarius displays the most in the attitude to other people. You are responsible, despite your distrust in case of social enquiries. You follow the etiquette and behave politely. It might be one of the factors why these people are so splendid at work where their attitude is essential. It is easy for them to get on well with authorities and employers.

13°49' b (a)

Uranus in Taurus

H Uranus: symbol of technical progress and new ideas

This emplacement - Uranus in Taurus - can be a very stubborn and dedicated but also, practically speaking, a very innovative and progressive combination. Economic and financial security is a major priority to tyou. Furthermore, a desire for material basis, in forms of land or owning a home, is appearing together with impatience until it’s obtained.

23°11' l (l)

Neptune in Pisces

I Neptune: symbol of leaving our own ego, problems with identity

In this position, that is Neptune in Pisces, the planet is located firmly in its own sign, which brings a large amount of spirituality. Hence, you will be religious and simultaneously sympathetic and charitable. However, problems with your own identity may appear through this placement. It is an ideal location for music, dance, painting or similar talents.

25°38' j (i)

Pluto in Capricorn

J Pluto: is associated with crucial subjects, death, survival, prohibition, justice, usually long-term