Gemini Horoscope 2018

Compared to the previous year, in which you enjoyed peace, positive energy and accomplishments, the 2018 horoscope will be hectic to Gemini, especially in the middle of the year. People born under this zodiac sign ruled by Mercury are usually very intellectual and sensitive. You can make use of these qualities, for example, when solving problems or overcoming obstacles.

Right at the beginning of the year, some relationship issues could appear, because of the impact of Venus in Capricorn. Gemini will tend to make themselves unavailable to emotions or even deny them. Any expressions of affection and feelings will seem strange to you, your perception of the world will be very realistic. However, in extreme cases, the desire to fight for your own beliefs can result in problems. Be careful not to go overboard.

Even though you might be less satisfied in your personal life, this period can be utilized well in terms of career. There won’t be anything distracting you from concentrating. Furthermore, the pace you’ll set will last for the whole spring of 2018, therefore nothing will stand in the way of reaching the deserved reward. You might be attracted by travelling and adventure, but try to resist this temptation for a little while.

According to the horoscope, Gemini will always be on the trot, in the mid-2018. The person you’ll meet can throw you off balance. No matter if it’s a soulmate, a new friend or an acquaintance at work. You’ll get along immediately. That’s no wonder, because Mercury in Leo will have a positive effect on relationships for the whole summer. Thanks to the newly acquired confidence, you’ll be successful at work too. Now it’s just the time to make a change if you desire for it. You probably won’t know what to do first, but if you manage to effectively organize your time, you will achieve the desired in the end.

With the shortening days, Gemini can expect calming down again. After the previous career accomplishments, you are now able to pay more attention to relationships again. Treat your love tenderly. All you need to do is to show initiative and make up for all the moments you spent at work. You’ll find harmony again. New relationships will fructify too.

The horoscope promises a harmonic end of 2018 for Geminis too. If you don’t know what to do in your free time, hang out with your friends. You’ll feel good accompanied by them. You’ll relax in order to forget about work and the next day, you’ll be charged with energy, ready to perform excellently. Take care of your health and dress warm too .