Cancer Horoscope 2020

Cancer’s Horoscope 2020 will seem a bit like a roller coaster. People who were born under this water sign controlled by the Moon are indeed very sensitive, so they will experience everything very intensely. Family is really important to them and the presence of their family makes them feel at their best. They try to help their loved ones whenever they can, but sometimes, their actions can be quite ruthless.

Throughout 2020, Cancer will feel the strong influence of Saturn, which will unfortunately be rather negative during the first few months. It will make you feel that nothing you do has any meaning, so you can easily fall into depression. Try to find activities that will keep you entertained and distracted. The horoscope advises to choose various kinds of exercise, such as yoga, weight lifting or calisthenics.

From the beginning of March, your mood will start to get better and, as a Cancer, it’ll be best for you to use this time to strengthen your relationships with your family and partner. It is getting warmer outside, so pull out your bike or get in the car and go on a trip together. There are no twists awaiting you at work, so you can relax and enjoy the moments spent with your loved ones.

In the summer, Cancer will long for company, so they’ll spend most of their time with their friends. However, according to the horoscope, it seems like love is in the air as well. Maybe you you’ll finally have the courage to express your feelings, even at the cost of them not being returned. In relationships, sexuality and passion are now awakening, so you’ll be more attracted to your dear half than ever before. Don’t be afraid to abandon the stereotype and enjoy a romantic holiday for two.

The last months of this year will drag you into the whirlwind of your working life, to which you haven’t been paying much attention throughout 2020. Your mental capacity is now reaching its maximum and thanks to that, you can work, solve problems and draw new information almost effortlessly. However, do not overdo it with overtime and extra shifts, especially if you have to neglect your family because of it. Both you and your loved ones could feel very sorry about it.