Leo Horoscope 2013

Leo are dominant type of character, and when you want to ignore it, prepare when lion will be doing everything for take your attention. Lions likes compliments and they hate criticism on them selves. They like organising and they usually require an admiration from other people in most of areas of live.

Leo in 2013

If there is someone who should be celebrating, yes it's Leo. Some of them made their plans in the end of 2012 and now they can expect many changes to better. They will meet some new, but important people for them, like co-workers which will help them in future improvement. Friends from past will be not forgotten, but taken to background.

First half of year they should be nice to their body and not to overload them selves, or they will ends in bed, which is not enjoyable for any leo. In June they can get into unpleasant situations if they will succumbtheir angry and emotions. On the other side August will be very pleasant for lions when they should just take their opportunities and use their new energy. People around will be good partners so,

be just ready, and do the best with your opportunities

In relationships it is not easy to be good partner for lions and failing relationships will be only worse this year. Lions will get new opportunities to leave partners without remorse because people around are still charging their energy. So this will be a good time to make big decisions. In October their passion will be in full strenght and this will be the best time for meeting new people.

In career lions, which was too careless, they will have to deal with troubles until March or April. But after that everything will be better, so they have to continue in their work.